Sunday, July 18, 2010

anybody want some jewelry??

While I was in Thailand, I worked with an organization called SHE. Here's their website. SHE gives girls working in the sex industry a second chance. When a girl decides they want to get out of the bars she can go live at SHE for one to two months. If the girl chooses one month then SHE houses her and gives her a full day of hands on training to work in a hotel Monday-Friday. The one moth option does not include any sort of pay. If the girl chooses the two month program she spends half the day getting training and the other half of the day making jewelry. The jewelry is then sold so the girl can make a set salary each month. Most of the girls choose the two month program since many of them send money home each month to their families.

This is where I come in. SHE is in need of more people buying their jewelry. They have it online and they have a few people selling it in the States but the more jewelry they sell, the more money they can make to fund their ministry and give the girls a salary to live off of. Before I left Thailand, I bought quite a bit of jewelry from SHE to sell back in the States and I am happy to announce I am finally ready to start selling them!

Below are pictures of a few of the items. Some have multiple colors as noted below the picture. If you have any questions at all feel free to email me ( or call (763-464-5726). I can always take more pictures so you can see length or other colors.

Thailand is known for their pearls so all of the pearls used in these pieces are real.

Shipping costs $3. If you spend $50 or more, shipping is free! As of now I can receive payment via checks...I'm setting up a Pay Pal account and will put that information up when it's all done.


also available in brown

also available in blue

also available in purple and pink


also available in blue

also in blue