Monday, April 27, 2009

Travel Clothes

Seeing as though I will be living out of a pack that I have to carry on my back for 11 months, my wardrobe is going to be extremely limited. This could be quite difficult to pick seeing as though I have a Carrie Bradshaw-style closet that is bursting at the seams. It'll be good for me, though.

I've been trying to figure out exactly what to needs to be light, something that can't get extremely wrinkly, versatile, and of course...cute! Any ideas??

Here are a few skirts I am hoping to buy...the annoying thing is good travel clothes aren't cheap! Oh well...I guess when you're wearing the same 3 skirts and 5 shirts for a year it won't matter if they're a bit on the expensive side.

The cranberry one is a Patagonia Vitaliti Skirt the black one is a PrAna Sunburst skirt. I love them both. :)

Thoughts on good travel clothes anyone?!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shipping Season!

Shipping season officially started here in Duluth! I love shipping season...yeah, I know, a weird thing to love but whatever. So anyways, I ran Monday morning and I got to the bottom of the hill and saw a ship! The sun was rising and I thought I could get a beautiful picture so I bolted back up the hill (mind you this is 2 blocks and one of the steepest blocks in it was a slow bolt), got my camera and bolted back down the hill to the pier. Sadly, by the time I made it to the pier the sunrise was already over.

So, I snapped a few photos and started to head back to my apartment and then I saw the ship moving! It was coming through the harbor! Oh what a glorious morning. :) So I waited for the ship to come through, waved at the sailors (like a tourist), took a few more photos (again very touristy of me) and ran back home. Needless to say I was late to work. It's a good thing my manager is cool.

So here are the pictures I got...none of them are stunning but fun nonetheless. Oh and I have to mention yesterday was my sister's 29th BIRTHDAY! Lucky for her she's in San Diego so I didn't get to see her on her birthday. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SISTA!! I LOVE YOU!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

the itsy bitsy spider

Matea and I had the most fun Easter drive EVER...

and let me just tell you my niece is SMART. :)