Monday, August 23, 2010


Good news! Remember my list? Well I can officially cross off a car!!

Friday night I officially purchased a 2003 Ford Escape. Yes, it's a 2003 and yes there's more miles then I probably would like BUT it's a 4 wheel drive so I will no longer have to call Aaron to come pick me up when it's snowing so I'm not stuck in my apartment by myself like the good old days. It's also big enough for my skis (so I can officially learn how to ski this winter) and it'll be great when I find a job and an apartment and I have to move. Another bonus, it's yellow. :)

All it needs is a good's fondly being called "the short bus" for now but I think a more fitting name needs to be found. Any ideas?


  1. I think the short bus is perfect!!! Why look any farther?

  2. I agree with your Mom...ask Aaron about the "short bus" we rode in first grade. LOL!!!