Monday, August 16, 2010

God did.

Back on the World Race we always talked about "God dids". Like the little things in life that make you smile...for example, losing your favorite pen and being really sad about it but then stopping outside to pick up the trash bag that had fallen out of the garbage can only to find your lost pen in the midst of all the garbage. God did...found my pen.

Well, yesterday was the start of my BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! My birthday is probably my 2nd favorite day of the year...after Christmas of birthday WEEK is like the week of Christmas. In other words, amazing. I had gone to a wedding Saturday in Rochester and woke up Sunday morning too late for continental breakfast. Bummer. My 2 friends and I headed out to this restaurant we found on our GPS only to find out that it was CLOSED. Double bummer. We whipped out that trusty GPS again to find a new restaurant only to find that there was a PANNEKOEKEN just 2 blocks from where we were standing. I was beyond excited since I thought that all of the Pannekoeken's in America had gone out of business. I frolicked the whole way to the restaurant in sheer delight of the fact that God gave me a Pannekoeken to start off my birthday week.
The pannekoekens were fantastic and the boys are now in love with them as much as me. Or close. The only sad thing is the coffee was SICK. It was the weakest coffee I've drank in a long time...think so weak that you can see the bottom of the cup. Gross. Nothing that a little Caribou couldn't fix though. ;)

So happy birthday week to ME!


  1. 2 things: I would have loved to see you FROLIC and the thought of coffee that weak grosses me out.

  2. Yum. Glad you were able to experience such a fabulous "God did"...and what a perfect way to kick off YOUR BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! :)